Real-time AI Translation Chatting Platform

anywhere, anyone

Can we remove the language barrier around the world?

The easiest way to communicate with people all over the world without knowing any foreign language.
ANYCHAT can make it possible with its unique AI translating system.

  • Express Your Words

    As You Like

  • Endless Conversations

    With People Around The World

Real-time AI Translation Chatting Platform


  • Language

    • People from more than 30 countries can chat in a single chatroom in their own language

    • Supports dialects, new words and idioms from various languages

  • Technology

    • Outstanding domestic and international patents against market competitors(PCT)

    • Chat translation system supporting multiple languages
    • AI Deep Learning Technology
    • Supports streaming in multi-language in a video-based chatroom
    • Database for slangs, dialects, new terms and chat words
    • Chatroom generated with QR code
  • Platform

    • Constructing expandable platforms with various additional services
      - ANYCHAT's unique language pack

    • Supports 7 million streamable songs
    • Matching business needs
    • Shopping from online markets across the globe
    • Matching friends globally
  • Opportunities

    • National Chatroom System

    • Supporting other platform services through ANYCHAT API

    • 24/7 online exhibition and business opportunity

    • World leading technology inreal-time translated chat service

    • Free communication with Open Chat generated with QR code

The only platform to overcome the barriers of language in the 21st century

With ANYCHAT, anyone can freely exchange opinions anywhere,
even if they don't know the language,
facilitating the global industry without restriction in fields or genres.


Supports chatrooms with 16 major languages

English, Chinese(simplified), Chinese(traditional), Japanese, Korean, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Thai, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Arabic, Tagalog, Portuguese, Turkish



Serve your webtoon around the world easily and quickly!

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