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ANYCHAT will strive to move forward as a global platform.

Hello, I'm Seung-Jin Lee, President of ANYCHAT.
Thank you for visiting our page.
With the advent of the Internet at the end of the 20th century, the world began to connect as one. And as smartphones revolutionized the 21st century, the world is now connected in real-time. The future lies in where anyone around the globe can communicate at any time.

However, global communication is still challenging due to language limitations. And we want to create a world where anyone can communicate easily with each other even if they don't speak any other languages. Our core value, "anywhere, anyone, ANYCHAT", represents our goals of making the world into one through various services within the platform we create and serve globally.

Our technology will increase accessibility to foreign cultures and make it possible for audiences and organizers in concerts and exhibitions to communicate in their languages without translation.

We can also create a Metaverse ecosystem where you can freely share thoughts in various fields such as music, cinema, sports, and art without using other languages. By using ANYCHAT, you can communicate more conveniently than any other social media currently available.

OOur technology is not just limited to messenger service. We can expand into numerous fields in all areas of the global industry.

We ask for your interest and support in the future for us. We will push the frontline in global communication and cultural exchange with the best services and solutions.

Thank you.

Corporate Identity

ANYCHAT Brand Story

Reason We Are Here

We exist to overcome language barriers and create a happier world where anyone can easily communicate and cooperate from anywhere in the world. The Internet has given us an environment where people from all over the world can contact each other. But there is a definite limitation coming from language to communicate freely.
ANYCHAT can improve the quality of life for all of us by creating a world where anyone can communicate with each other even if they only speak their language.

Core Values

Our core value is "anywhere, anyone." We hope that anyone, anywhere in the world, becomes one through various services within our platform. We will always strive for the best to actualize and improve our core values.

Corporate Identity

Left and right combination type

R 124 G 77  B 255

C 74  M 71  Y O  K O

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Brand Logo

People want to go beyond their own countries, communicate freely with anyone, and achieve what they dream of in this global era. We can help people fulfill their needs by providing various services through our platform.
Genie, the lamp fairy in Aladdin's Magic Lamp, grants the wish that the lamp owner says, thus expressing our vision by shaping our logo in the shape of a simplified Genie.

Brand Color

Our technology is truly different from the traditional chatting system. We offer various high-quality services through state-of-the-art, real-time AI translation technology. We can collaborate and work in partnerships with companies and fields anywhere in the world. There are no limitations in its use.
Just as the purple lamp fairy fulfills any wishes from its owner, we adopted the color purple as we can grant any wishes and connect to any business in any country.


Venture Enterprise Certificate
Company affiliated research institute certificate
Multilingual Translation Patent
Multilingual Translation Patent
Terminal, server, service provision system patent
Real-time multilingual chat system patent

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  • Head office
  • Zip code06158
  • 2nd floor, Songam Tower, 441 Teheran-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
    (Posco Intersection, Opposite Posco Building)
  • When using the subway
    • 10-minute walk from Exit 10 of Seolleung Station on Line 2
    • 10-minute walk from Exit 5 of Samseong Station on Line 2
  • Indonesia Branch
  • PT.Anychat Global Indonesia
  • GoWork Pacific Place
    Pacific Place, Level 2 unit 77 JL. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 52-53 Jakarta Selatan 12190