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ANYCHAT Co-hosts the 31st World Miss University Event

  • 작성자 : 관리자
  • 작성일 : 2022.08.15

ANYCHAT Corporation, a real-time AI translation chat platform company, will participate as a co-host of the 31st World Miss University World Competition 2022.

"Through AnyStory, one of the various services of ANYCHAT, participants from each country will share their activities to the world during the competition,

and online voting by people around the world will also be conducted through AnyStory to reflect the final results," said Seung-Jin Lee, the president of ANYCHAT,

at the press conference of the 31st World Miss University Event held at the Korea Press Center on the morning of August 10, 2022.

Various posts and comments posted by participants on AnyStory will be translated directly to the viewer's language

through real-time AI translation technology provided by ANYCHAT.

This will allow the participants and online voters around the world to communicate freely even in different languages.

The competition involves more than 80 countries around the world,

and will run for three months from online voting opening day in September 21 to December 21, when the final results are announced.

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